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Dignified Elder Care & Estate Planning

Find the legal direction and support you need from David M. Grossman, Attorney At Law in Palm Desert, California. Mr. Grossman's firm is dedicated to all facets of elder law, including elder care, trusts & wills, conservatorships, medi-cal issues and estate planning.

Elder Abuse

Ensure you or your loved one's rights and dignity are protected. Mr. Grossman serves as your trusted advocate and provides crisis management in cases of elder abuse, such as:
• Abandonment
• Emotional or Psychological Abuse
• Neglect
• Physical Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Financial or Material

Estate Litigation

Preserve your rights as a beneficiary in the event of a family member's passing. Mr. Grossman serves as your representative in a variety of disputes, including:
  • Disputes about the Terms and Validity of a Will or Trusts
  • Disputes Concerning the Competence of the Person Who Made the Will or Trust
  • Disagreements Concerning the Status of a Person as an Heir or Beneficiary
  • Claims of Inheritance by a Surviving Spouse or Child Who Is Not
  • Provided for in a Will
  • Disputes of Intestate Succession When There Is No Will
  • Questions as to the Correct Ownership of an Asset That Was Transferred before Death
  • Claims of Breach of Fiduciary Duty against an Executor or Administrator of the Estate
  • Claims of a Third-Party against an Estate, Such as Claims by Creditors

Medi-Cal Planning

Ensure your long-term care needs are met while preventing depletion of your assets. To accomplish this goal, Mr. Grossman conducts an evaluation of your current financial situation and helps you plan for Medi-Cal eligibility.


When your loved one is unable to care for his or her own health and daily needs, someone can be assigned to take over. If proper planning is not completed, your family will have to go through the courts to establish guardianship or conservatorship. Mr. Grossman can help you establish conservatorship of the person and the estate.

Estate Planning

Having a plan in the event of your passing is imperative, as it establishes a clear path of succession and distribution of your assets and helps prevent a litany of legal issues and costs for your family. Mr. Grossman expertly creates the following documents and directives:
  • Wills
-Simple Wills
-Pour Over Wills
-Formal Wills
  • Trusts:
-Revocable & Irrevocable Living Trusts
-Special Need Trusts
-Asset Protection Trusts
-Charitable Trusts
  • Medical & Financial Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Advance Directives

Probate & Estate Administration

In addition to estate planning, Mr. Grossman can also serve as executor of your estate. Rely on him as your trusted representative in the following responsibilities:
  • Completing Notifications as Required
  • Paying Outstanding Bills
  • Resolving Estate Disputes
  • Distributing Assets
  • Closing the Estate
Contact David Grossman to provide personalized legal service in the areas of elder care and estate planning.